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Mellisa Reeves

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Conscious Feminine Embodiment Through Womb-Based Practices, Education & Sisterhood.

Not Currently Available for Purchase

About the Womb Flow Collective

Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Have you spent years trying to heal, feeling like breakthrough is always just beyond your reach?

Maybe the current world crisis is illuminating the fact that you don't have the tools to effectively deal with stress and negative emotions.... whether your own or someone else's.

Women everywhere have been incentivized to neglect and dismiss their own internal guidance system; causing an epidemic of disconnection.

This is affecting us:

  • in our creative work
  • in our relationships
  • in our physical, emotional and spiritual health

    We don't know how to listen to the language of our bodies.

I know, from painful personal experience, what it's like to be disconnected from my body.

I believe that every woman deserves to experience the full creative, intuitive power of her feminine center.

Introducing the Womb Flow Collective... 

In all of my seeking and searching as a healer, I have to be honest and say that no profound healing modality or experience has surpassed that of a circle of sisterhood.  In a practice of sisterhood we can come home to the wisdom of our bodies and dig beneath the layers of competition, trauma and core distortion.

The Womb Flow Collective is a place for you to explore your own embodiment & healing journey in the safety of sisterhood.  

In case you've ever wondered why women have been incentivized by society for so long to disconnect from our bodies and each other... its because women are more powerful when we gather and heal.  We have always gathered.  We have always healed.

This is the wisdom that we know, deep down in our bones; even if we've forgotten.

"Through Womb Flow, I have cultivated a powerful connection to my womb space. I have reframed the language I use for uterus from trauma and pain to love, compassion, and possibility. I am beginning to experience joy during my bleeding, intense gratitude, and a practice in which I am keenly in touch with my energy, both spiritually and creatively." - Rachel

Join the Womb Fow Collective today for the limited price of just $9.99/mo!

The Womb Flow Collective moves through bi-monthly themes where we explore each theme through the pillars of practice, education & sisterhood.  Here are some of our upcoming themes:

Cycle Awareness, The Nervous System, Connecting with Your Inner Child, Energy Centers, Pleasure, Lineage & Feminine Leadership (plus more!)

During your membership, you'll have access to:

  • A monthly live guided embodiment practice exploring our theme in depth
  • A monthly recorded meditation you can download and listen to on the go
  • Recorded deep dive conversations with guest experts related to our themes
  • Weekly discussion prompts and ongoing community conversations
  • A safe place for sharing your questions, challenges, wins and inspiration


"Mellisa is so wonderfully empathetic and insightful... She helped me identify unhelpful thought and behavior patterns, explore alternatives, and work on mindfulness and embodiment." - Jaime

Join the Womb Flow Collective today for just $9.99/mo (cancel anytime)!

About Your Host

I'm Mellisa Reeves, and I'm a Holistic Women's Coach & Healer.  Facilitating embodiment and healing through community is my thing.  Using a unique blend of embodiment practices derived from my study of energy centers, the nervous system and cycle awareness, I help women come home to their bodies and activate the full power of their feminine center

"Core distortion" is a fundamental disconnection from the wisdom of our feminine center; and a common state for the women I have worked with.  In this state, we lose the ability to effectively move and release energy, and we get caught in loops of trauma, chronic stress and dis-ease.

Healing isn't so mysterious and elusive as we've come to think of it; relying on ideas, doctors, prescriptions and regimens.

True healing comes from deep within the body; from cultivating a relationship with the wisdom beyond the conscious mind.  One of the primary ways that we can access this wisdom is through the womb - a powerful portal between our physical form and the mystery of spirit.

In the Womb Flow Collective we explore each of these pillars in practical ways:

Womb-Based Practices:

  • Connect deeply with your body, using the womb as a gateway
  • Understand and harness the creative potential of your menstrual cycle
  • Learn how to use energy medicine in your every day life


  • Learn how to tone and regulate your nervous system
  • Explore somatic exercises and practices to help you learn the language of your body
  • Conversations with guest experts on our themes


  • Cultivate a sense of self AND a sense of belonging
  • Develop your natural state of interconnected, intuitive awareness
  • Learn how to truly give and receive without reservation or judgement

Join the Womb Flow Collective today for just $9.99/mo (cancel anytime)!

The best part, girl... everything in one place and no Facebook Group - community, sessions and content all under one roof in our customized community platform!  You'll get access as soon as you join.  During your membership, you also get access to a categorized library of all past recordings, practices and sessions.

*Active members also get 25% off of any private sessions with me, including energy healing, intuitive reading & menstrual health/herbal consultations.

Are you ready to become your own healer?

Wherever you're at on this journey, it's time to come home to your body.  Finding your way to your center will be one of the transformative experiences of your life.

If you're ready to let go of disconnection, chronic stress, shame, competition and limitation, it's time to join us!

FYI, the Collective won't be available at this price for very long.  During these crazy times I want this community to be as accessible as possible because we need healing more than ever.  So join today and lock in this special early pricing for as long as you're a member!

Join the Womb Flow Collective today for just $9.99/mo (cancel anytime)!

Have questions?

How do I access the community and content of the Womb Flow Collective?

We use a customized community platform called Mighty Networks - when you join you'll create a login and will immediately get access to a dashboard that highlights content, discussions, upcoming events, etc.  You can even download the app to make it easy to connect on the go - which I highly recommend!

Will I have access to Mellisa through my membership?

I will be participating in the community discussion, answering questions, and sharing relevant content/inspiration in addition to hosting the regular guided embodiment practices, meditations and conversations.  You can always reach out to me directly if you have a question, and I'm also available to work with members of the Collective one on one for a 25% discount!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can!  Once you join, your membership is month to month and you can cancel at any time.  We think you'll want to stay awhile, though!

What happens if I miss the live sessions?

Not a problem.... they'll always be recorded and will be available for replay in the Mighty Networks community.  You'll be able to easily search for the sessions you want to watch in our topics section!

Join the Womb Flow Collective today for just $9.99/mo (cancel anytime)!

Here's what a recent one-on-one client who has learned some of these practices shares:

"Not only did Mellisa's loving and wise support help to ease my fears, but she also guided me through some energy work and embodiment practices to help move my placenta up - visualization tools that I have continued to use throughout my pregnancy. At my 20 week ultrasound not only is my little one growing beautifully, they did a placenta check and found that my placenta has moved a significant amount away from my cervix!" - Halie

One more thing... this Collective gives me the opportunity to share these life-changing practices with as many women as possible while keeping it extremely accessible. You being here means the world. Because women heal together, I am confident that you will get the most out of this experience by inviting your real life sisters.  Please share with other women you know would benefit from these practices and community!

See you on the inside...

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